Join the first community of GreenTech startups in Thailand

Join the First GreenTech Startup Community in Thailand!

The community is in alliance with GreenTech accelerators and communities in 15 countries.

The GreenRocket Community is a place for knowledge exchange and collaboration between members from Thailand and around the world. This community is a collaboration project between GreenRocket and 15 International Chambers of Commerce with the support of embassies.

GreenRocket is not only a GreenTech hub but also a unique community featuring entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and leading partners from different industries. By joining our community, you’ll have access to some of the world’s best in their respective domains.

GreenTech founders, specialists, and corporates will help you tackle specific challenges in your industry. On a day-to-day basis, you can discuss and share your challenges with dozens of other GreenTech entrepreneurs. To help you with fundraising, our team has created an Investor Club that gathers funds for investing in GreenTech startups.

Being part of our community will give you access to our generalist Founders Program, which enables you to go from your MVP to your PMF. You will have access to specific resources such as collaborative tools, 1-on-1 meetings with our network, collective workshops on business topics, and guild meetings with our Founders.

Main Program:

  • Networking with GreenTech startups.
  • Networking with the Global Investors Club.
  • Understanding GreenTech classroom.
  • Investing in GreenTech around the world.
  • Insights on GreenTech investment around the world.
  • Participation in international roadshows.
  • First investment round in our certified startups.
  • Advice and support for low-risk investment.
  • Staying informed about new government supports, funds, and business opportunities.
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