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The present state of our planet necessitates immediate action due to climate change and natural resource depletion. The focus on sustainability and Greentech offers a unique opportunity to drive progress towards a more equitable, just, and thriving society.

By investing in innovative and impactful Greentech solutions, we can build a better future for our planet and future generations, while creating sustainable business models that generate positive environmental and social outcomes. In essence, by starting with "why", we can catalyze change and create a brighter, more sustainable future.

Greenrocket was founded with a vision to bring new technology and business model concepts that can replace the current industries which continue to pollute the planet and increase inequality. The company's mission is to spread sustainability ideas wider and accelerate planet change with Greentech solutions.

As the harm inflicted on our planet by humans grows every day, Greentech is seen as the ultimate solution to reducing the climate crisis and can contribute to a brighter future for millions of people. Greenrocket plans to establish its overseas office in Singapore by 2023, and affiliate with Greentech incubator networks in several countries by 2024 to accelerate Greentech startups into the market.

The brand is committed to delivering high returns on fund and sustainability investment and to helping clients achieve genuine success in sustainability quickly, strategically, and reliably.

Greenrocket Accelerator is the leading development program for early-stage Greentech startups around the world. With a decade of experience, we provide the essential resources and guidance to help emerging technologies enter new markets and scale effectively. Our program offers personalized support, virtual training, and access to a global network of 100+ mentors, investors, partners, and advisors.

By joining our program, startups can develop their solutions and gain global visibility. They can access pilot funding and in-country support to acquire reference cases and customers in the region, and receive curated country briefings to navigate market entry. Our ecosystem access also allows startups to connect with Thai scientist and business networks, as well as Thai Government supports and funding. At Greenrocket Accelerator, we are dedicated to accelerating the transition to a greener future and helping startups achieve genuine success in sustainability.

"Join the Movement: Making a Difference for Our Planet - Why Your Move Matters!"

school of green disrupter

incubation programs & services

For Corporate

The Greenrocket Accelerator program assists corporations in creating and launching greentech startup businesses by providing resources, expert support, and validation opportunities in international competitions, to help them understand the world of sustainability and identifying their strengths and weaknesses in the green economy.

For startup

The Greenrocket Accelerator program offers startups in the Greentech industry a development and ecosystem access package, which includes mentorship, training sessions, and on-the-ground support to secure projects and funding, providing a path to market for emerging technologies in Thailand and the surrounding region.


The Greenrocket offers two programs, an Incubator and an Accelerator, with distinct benefits for entrepreneurs looking to identify strengths and weaknesses in their business, access resources and experts for new change, and accelerate into global scale through mentorship, support tools, and networking with Greentech hubs.

Community services

Join hands for the change

For Startup

Join the GreenRocket Community, Thailand's first Greentech startup community, for access to a variety of resources and knowledge exchange with entrepreneurs, specialists, and corporates from different industries, as well as opportunities to network with other Greentech startups, global investors, and participate in international roadshows and investment rounds.

For Angel & VC

The GreenRocket community is a hub for experts and investors passionate about finding solutions to the planet's issues and investing in promising Greentech startups around the world. With a main program that includes networking, education, investment opportunities, and due diligence services, members can collaborate to make a positive impact on the planet and achieve their investment goals.

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Our Services

Our multicultural team is ready to assist and provide services tailored to your needs.


GreenRockets offers technology and science-related services, including technology matching services to connect startups with partners and provide investment protection, a scientist service to develop startups, and various tools such as a startup development program, ecosystem access, and an incubator program to help businesses test and design their ideas.

legal services for ip & due diligence

The legal services offered by GreenRocket involve partnering with international legal firms to provide protection and cover all legal processes that investors may need when investing in Greentech startups. In addition, the Technology Matching Services include Due Diligence and IP Protection to make investments transparent and secure.


The business services offered include CSR design services for corporate, investor services, technology matching services, scientist services, and various development and support programs. Business services are essential for companies to operate efficiently and effectively, allowing them to focus on their core activities while leaving non-core functions to specialized service providers.

corporate classroom

GreenRocket offers consulting services and training programs to help clients advance greentech for sustainability, using a variety of tools and methods, and also provides sustainability advice, a greentech incubator program, and an accelerator suite of tools to accelerate progress toward sustainability.


The maker services offered by GreenRocket include consulting, training, and support for new business innovation in the Greentech industry, with a focus on sustainability and the use of proprietary tools and methods to tailor solutions to the needs of individual clients, as well as connections to a global network of experts and resources.


GreenRocket's CSR Design Services offers tailored consultancy services to corporates to help them develop and implement innovative and sustainable CSR initiatives that address global warming, engage employees, and contribute meaningfully to the community while enhancing the employee experience.

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Our Team



Founder of GreenRocket

Ecologist, Innovator, Business Strategist, and Social Enterpreneur

Bobby’s work and philosophy have introduced the concept of ‘sustainability through impactful technology’ and created sustainability initiatives through innovation. His keynote speeches and seminars for large corporations, such as PTT, SCG, the Okinawa Incubator Center in Japan, universities, and various press interviews, often cover topics such as city issues, smart city development, poverty, environmental issues, business innovation, greentech innovation, and sustainable business models.

  • QBAC+ Certified Angel Investor

Co- Founder of GreenRocket

Business Coach, Connector, Facilitator, Organization Management

Nopakao is a seasoned consultant with 20 years of experience in consulting for the Thailand Management Association (TMA). As a Project Operation Manager of the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) for three years, she developed tools and methods to support integrated planning, indicators and analysis, transformative organizational development, and training for change agents. These elements have since become standard practices in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

She had an excellent opportunity to immerse herself in the world of developing and incubating 21 startups as the project manager of SPACE-F Batch 2 The FOODTECH startup program in Thailand. Her immense passion lies in building green tech startups that can help preserve our planet.

Dr. Asst. Prof. kovit

Tukta wong

Head of GreenRocket Scientist Team

Dr. Kovit, Vice Dean and lecturer in the Public Health Program at Burapha University in Bangsaen, has joined GreenRocket to support startup selection and help validate technologies. This is crucial to our mission of maintaining transparency and professionalism with our investors.

In addition, Dr. Kovit is passionate about helping underprivileged people and has joined founder Bobby in humanitarian programs, including the design of a clean, drinkable water technology for a health project, and sanitation for rural schools in Thailand.

Head of GreenRocket Representative Office : Taiwan

Tukta is a Thai and Taiwanese citizen with 10 years of experience in developing talent and consulting for international companies seeking to expand their business opportunities in Thailand. Her main competencies include communication, coordination, and understanding the different business cultures and needs of foreign clients from Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, which are essential for GreenRocket to expand its activities across Asia.

Tukta has a strong passion for developing Greentech’s growth and helping Thailand’s Greentech startups develop their skills to an international level. She aims to achieve this by creating a community rich in knowledge and innovation through her networking and experience.

Meet our exceptional mentors who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to guide and support you on your journey

Our Mentors


COO, Clover Power PLC.

Kanokrot, Ph.D.

Vice President, PTT PLC.


Partner: ONE Law Office / ONE Law Academy


Senior Professional Level, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok


Founder & Innovator of DO IN THAI


Business Coach, Connector, Facilitator, Organization Management

Global Network: Experience the power of our global network and access diverse opportunities and resources across the world.

Organizational Affiliates and Partners


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