FOR STARTUP around the world who want to implement in Thailand

Comprehensive Partnership for Market Access and Acceleration, Tailored to the Complexities of this Region

Our program offers an all-in partnership for market access and acceleration that is tailored to the complexities of the region. We help startups to secure projects in Thailand and the surrounding areas, and in addition to mentorship and network access, we provide our startups with pilot and customer acquisition opportunities through co-funding awards and on-the-ground support.


Our Greenrocket Accelerator Program opens essential doors for early-stage Greentech startups. With ten years of experience and a deep network of industry experts, customers, and investors, we provide a proven path to market for emerging technologies. Startups will learn to understand their customers’ needs and identify new opportunities and markets that belong to innovative companies.


Startup Development

  • Connect with our network of 100+ mentors from all industries.
  • Attend personalized virtual training sessions led by industry experts.
  • Participate in personalized support and group training sessions.
  • Access dedicated mentors to adapt and localize solutions and business models.
  • Receive curated country briefings to navigate market entry in the region.
  • Receive help with office opening, company set up, visas, and legal procedures.

Ecosystem Access

  • Access our global and Thailand network.
  • Access the Thai scientist network to improve technology.
  • Access the Makers network to facilitate the build of the first prototype.
  • Access the Thai business network to facilitate business implementation.
  • Access Thai government supports and funding.
  • Access our large Angel investor network.
  • Secure funding through our investor network.


  • Access pilot co-funding awards to help acquire your first reference cases and customers in the region.
  • Access in-country market advisors and partners to design and implement pilot and commercial projects.
  • Apply for other pilot funding initiatives on an ongoing basis as an alumnus.
The two Greenrocket programs serve distinct groups of entrepreneurs. The Accelerator is intended for early-stage greentech startups worldwide. Please contact us if you have any questions about the eligibility criteria.


Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business in the new economy. Provide resources and experts to facilitate new changes. Design and test ideas from different business angles. Test markets, business ideas, and their impact, both financially and socially. Design scalable and internationally viable strategies.


Accelerate your growth on a global scale with mentoring from international business experts. Receive support tools, facilities, and team management. Test your market and sandbox projects. Assist with investor documentation and connect you with the whole ecosystem. Help you with world roadshows and networking with Greentech hubs around the world. Assist with dealing with impact investors.


Is the Greenrocket Accelerator the right fit for your business? Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the eligibility criteria.

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