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As consultants and advisors, we listen carefully to ensure we understand our clients’ needs. We investigate their strengths and weaknesses and take a deep, systemic look at what they actually require. We frequently make use of our well-proven proprietary tools and methods, but we also develop new solutions uniquely tailored for them.

Consulting usually entails making recommendations that clients subsequently implement – except when they are unable to. Therefore, we frequently go a step further: we assist in ensuring that the client has the capacity and motivation to accomplish what they need to do and achieve their market and profit goals.

Business Innovation Support: Analysis, Tools, and Training for Green Technology

A Global Network of Greentech Accelerators And Greentech Scientists

We are a global network of greentech accelerators and scientists, consisting of multi-disciplined consultants, trainers, educators, and communicators who are dedicated to advancing sustainability through greentech.

Tools, Method and Leadership

Our toolkit is based on the experience of our team and can be used by companies, communities, schools, and organizations, engaging professional teams, stakeholders, and students.

Corporate Training & Development

We offer training programs and workshops that are renowned for empowering and inspiring change-makers, from students to senior professionals.

Sustainability Initiative Consulting

We provide sustainability advice at all levels, from vision and strategy to training and implementation. We help clients assess risks and options, create new and comprehensive multi-year strategies, or find their most effective next steps within an existing program.

Professional Training & Development to Create Greentech Business

Our programs and workshops are high-energy, high-engagement, and high-impact. We help people from different starting points find shared understanding and common purpose, and we equip change agents with skills for success.

Our greentech incubator program is a combination of the world’s leading incubators such as the startup incubation program from MIT, the Cleantech program from UNIDO, the social innovation program from SEED, and the angel investor program from QBAC.

Tools and Coach Team for Transformation

Our accelerator suite of tools equips our clients with the essential concepts, analysis methods, group processes, and other tools they need to accelerate their progress toward sustainability. Our coach team and mentors bring all the resources you need to transform your company in a greentech way or help you find a new greentech business.

Research & Resources Supports

Our team includes a multi-disciplinary team of business consultants, technology consultants, deeptech scientists, NGOs, engineers, and some of the world’s most experienced researchers, writers, and thinkers in the field of sustainability. We bring clarity to complex ideas and inspire change with inspiration and insight.

We tailor and reshape your greentech business project for both the domestic market and the overseas market to understand global demand, and we can help you plan the next step of scalability.

Global Connections

Our breadth of international network in business, marketing, scientists, and researchers means that we can create teams to support projects on a global scale or bring a global perspective to local challenges.

We work with some of the world’s most active sustainability pace-setters, and we also help newcomers get up to speed and on the right path.

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